02 Feb

THE £12BN CLEAN UP – Commercial Cleaning Contracts


THE £12BN CLEAN UP – Commercial Cleaning Contracts

This is the moment a lot of cleaning companies have been waiting for! A large Commercial Cleaning Contract.

The government has announced ‘a £12bn tender for cleaning and maintenance services at schools, hospitals and in other public buildings’.

The folks at Cleaning Matters has stated that the ‘move comes in the wake of Carillion’s collapse’ and will also help support the 2020 SME initiative, where 1 in 3 pounds will be spent with Small, Medium Enterprises.

Due to the recent Carillion crash, this has led to one of the biggest Facilities Management frameworks we’ve seen in a long while.

‘There are concerns that managing so many different suppliers would be a nightmare for the civil service, who have struggled to oversee outsourced work in the past’.

independent aspects of Commercial cleaning contract management

One thing that will undoubtedly be asked via tenders is the independent aspects of contract management. We advise all cleaning companies to get ahead, act fast and ask themselves to why they should be chosen and what makes them stand out in such a competitive market?

This will make sure you have the functions readily available to put across in your tender submissions.

If you need extra help, we offer a Tender Mentor service where we can guide and review your tender submissions for as little as £295+VAT.

Get in touch to get a part of the action and win various national contracts, with a value range from £500 to £1.4bn.

The sub-sectors we track Facilities Management Tenders for include:

Cleaning Tenders & Contracts

Facilities Management Tenders

Window Cleaning Contracts

Manned Security Tenders

Ground Maintenance Tenders

We’re here to help you to the finish line!

Facilities Management… 19th April 2018