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Previous Cleaning Tenders & Contracts

BT1415 Power Wash & Disinfect Bus Shelters
    • Buyer: Luton Council
    • Location: Eastern
    • Budget: £5,000
EP UKI NI Office Cleaning Requirement
    • Buyer: Growth Platform
    • Location: North West
    • Budget: £5,000
Gutter Cleaning & Anchor Bolt Testing
    • Buyer: Copperworks Housing Association
    • Location: Scotland
    • Budget: £150,000
Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School - Cleaning Services Tender
    • Buyer: Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School
    • Location: South East
    • Budget: £255,363
Void Property Cleaning Following General Building Works
    • Buyer: Rykneld Homes Limited
    • Location: East Midlands
    • Budget: £300,000
EP UKI NI Office Cleaning Requirement
    • Buyer: EP Kilroot Limited
    • Location: Northern Ireland 
    • Budget: £5,000
Solar PV – Maintenance, Protection & Cleaning
    • Buyer: Gentoo Group Limited
    • Location: North West
    • Budget: £650,000
Community Planned & Reactive Building Maintenance & Cleaning Services
    • Buyer: NHS South West – Acutes
    • Location: South West
    • Budget: £3,100,000
Janitorial & Cleaning Equipment
    • Buyer: ESPO
    • Location: East Midlands
    • Budget: £3,200,000
CPC Cleaning Services
    • Buyer: Connected Places Catapult
    • Location: South East
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Korea Cleaning Services
    • Buyer: British Council
    • Location: London
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Supply of Cleaning Chemicals & Cleaning Consumables to Sanctuary Group
    • Buyer: Sanctuary Housing Group
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Budget: Undisclosed
CWC21033 – Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services
    • Buyer: Wolverhampton City Council
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Longdean Academy Cleaning
    • Buyer: Longdean Academy Cleaning
    • Location: Eastern
    • Budget: Undisclosed
IFM045/21/22/LB – Sterile Washing of Clinical, Catering & General Hospital Facilities
    • Buyer: NHS Shared Business Services Ltd (NHS SBS)
    • Location: North West
    • Budget: Undisclosed
TC014 – Cleaning & Waste Management on New Smithfield Market
    • Buyer: Manchester City Council
    • Location: North West
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Request for the Supply of Cleaning Services at Medite Europe DAC ‘21
    • Buyer: Medite Europe DAC
    • Location: Republic of Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed
QUB/2095/21 – Contract for the Provision of Cleaning Services
    • Buyer: Queen’s University Belfast
    • Location: Northern Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed
HED Graffiti Removal Contract
    • Buyer: CPD – Supplies and Services Division
    • Location: Northern Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed
The Provision of Cleaning Services
    • Buyer: Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council
    • Location: Northern Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed

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Facilities Tenders is home to a wide range of cleaning tenders.

Our tender portal is designed to provide your organisation with the very latest opportunities to secure cleaning contracts.

We source a wide range of cleaning tenders across the UK. Our aim is to save you time and money – Facilities Tenders will do the hard work for you.

Our cleaning services clients require opportunity tracking to be easy, efficient and bespoke. This ensures that only industry-driven keywords are used to categorise each tender, making your search for tenders that much easier. Facilities Tenders takes the hassle out of finding opportunities, so your cleaning business can focus on what is important.

The portal allows you to:

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How do you choose the right cleaning tender for your business?

If you’re an SME or a large organisation, sourcing cleaning contracts is difficult. There are several points to consider around choosing the right tender for your company and we’ll work through them.

1.     The way you search

As they say, time is money, and it’s never more important than when you’re searching for bids. Are you chasing every relevant bid? Or are you going through a thorough selection process, so that you have a higher chance of success? If you choose the former approach, you could be wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of precious work time.

2.     Cost criteria

You should always choose your contract based on the whole life cost (WLC). For those not in the know, this essentially includes the procurement, maintenance, and disposing of goods. If this exceeds the value of the contract, then you need to reconsider your position.

3.     Location/area of service

In our modern times, logistics certainly makes long-distance contract delivery easier, but it doesn’t make it any less affordable.

With logistical considerations such as fuel, transport costs and time, considering the location of the contract is vital. Ultimately, considering the travelling requirements can prevent travel from eroding your profit.

4.     What if I’m an SME?

As an SME, your bidding power may not be as strong as larger companies.

But this shouldn’t deter you from going for large contracts.

For most cleaning companies starting out, one of the best opportunities for growth is sub-contracting. The revenue from sub-contracting is competitive too, allowing you adequate growth potential whilst gaining experience. Luckily, there are plenty of tenders with potential for sub-contracting opportunities on Facilities Tenders.

5.     Financial thresholds

Knowing your financial limit when it comes to choosing tenders is essential to success. As a rule of thumb, if the value exceeds half of your yearly revenue, your chance of winning will be diminished. This is mainly to safeguard you from overstretching your capabilities.

6.     Competition

Of course, when looking at the competition, how do you fare? Although you won’t know directly who will bid, you can take educated guesses. Can you win against the prospective competitors?

7.     Public or private sector?

Who are you actively searching for? Is it public sector contracts, such as hospital, school, or council building cleaning? Or is it private sector contracts? Deciding is imperative to success. Is your previous experience (case studies/testimonials) relevant to this contract?

8.     Profit margin

How competitive do you aim to be? Is your profit margin razor thin? What lengths will you go to win the contract? Knowing this will refine your search for tenders even further.

9.      Framework agreements/single-supplier contract?

Will you delve into a framework agreement? This is a multi-supplier contract that can operate for over a year. It enables buyers to choose the right supplier from an approved list. The other option is a single-supplier contract. What you choose depends on your company’s structure.

10.  Financial stability

Are your accounts stable? Do you have three years of audited accounts? You may think this trivial in searching for cleaning tenders, but it’s incredibly important. If you don’t have any proof of your financial stability, you’ll find it hard to win contracts.

11.  Business plans

What is your current and future strategy? Are you attempting to branch out geographically? Are you looking to specialise in a corner of the industry? These factors need to be taken into consideration before bidding.

12.  Understanding your preference

Knowing the type of organisations you’ll work with is essential. Are you looking to work with charities/non-profits? Is your business hardwired to meet the needs of a specific sector?

Take, for instance, chemical cleaning. You may be more inclined to bid for research/medical facilities.

13.  Qualifications/certifications

Understanding what the industry expects of your company should be a number one priority when searching for cleaning contracts. Looking at the average requirements when it comes to certifications is imperative. Consider DBS checks, equality and diversity policies, individual qualifications, and experience. If you’re a specialised supplier in the cleaning industry, this will be a certainty.

14.  Social value

When you’re applying for public contracts, you’ll be likely to encounter social value. You may feel this doesn’t concern you as a cleaning company, but all suppliers are expected to adhere to the following issues.

  • Covid-19 recovery – Are you supporting any non-profits that are aiding communities in recovering from the pandemic?
  • Tackling economic inequality – Are you leading volunteer groups or fundraising events for economic equality?
  • Fighting climate change – How are you disposing of waste? Are you changing to renewable energy sources?
  • Equal opportunity – How proficient are your recruitment policies? How are you ensuring diversity within your company?
  • Wellbeing – How are you keeping the employee’s health and wellbeing central?

You will find an extensive range of cleaning contract tenders on the portal. These opportunities are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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If you would like to see the cleaning contracts and tenders we have right now, please get in touch for your free demo. Our Hudson Discover Team will start your free trial today at a time convenient to you.

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