Can I Buy Cleaning Contracts?

News 18th February 2021

You can’t simply buy cleaning contracts, so here’s what to do instead You may be wondering if you can just…

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Window Cleaning Tenders: Everything You Need to Consider

News 5th February 2021

7 tips to help you succeed with window cleaning Tenders Window cleaning tenders can cover a range of services across…

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We’ve Rebranded!

News 12th April 2019

Our parent company, Hudson, is going through a complete rebrand and so here at Facilities Tenders, we have a new look too! We…

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News 24th July 2018

North East cash injection announced! The North East will be “better connected than ever” Prime Minister Theresa May announced earlier…

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Facilities Management Tendering Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated!

News 19th April 2018

Facilities Management Tendering doesn’t need to be complicated We’ll repeat … Facilities Management Tendering – DOES NOT NEED TO BE COMPLICATED!…

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