Can I Buy Cleaning Contracts?

News 18th February 2021

You can’t simply buy cleaning contracts, so here’s what to do instead You may be wondering if you can just…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Cemetery Contracts

News 16th February 2021

Answers to your frequently asked questions about cemetery contracts You might not think it, but cemetery contracts can be lucrative…

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5 Things to Think About When Applying for Grass Cutting Contracts

News 12th February 2021

5 things to consider when looking for grass cutting contracts The most common type of grass cutting contracts are within…

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The Ultimate Guide to Lift Tenders

News 11th February 2021

How to succeed when writing lift tenders Lift tenders are published in both the public and private sectors. The lift…

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Waste Management Tenders: The Updated Waste Management Plan for England

News 10th February 2021

A breakdown of the government’s updated waste management plan and what it means for waste management tenders As we produce…

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Window Cleaning Tenders: Everything You Need to Consider

News 5th February 2021

7 tips to help you succeed with window cleaning Tenders Window cleaning tenders can cover a range of services across…

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How to Succeed in Writing Grounds Maintenance Contracts

News 3rd February 2021

Everything you need to know to win grounds maintenance contracts Grounds maintenance contracts are a great way to secure a…

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The Fundamentals of Waste Disposal Tenders

News 28th January 2021

Everything you need to know when applying for waste disposal tenders Waste disposal tenders can cover a range of services…

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The Difference Between Public and Private Security Bids

News 20th January 2021

Three Myths Surrounding Private Security Bids Public and private security bids are often used when companies are looking to outsource…

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Janitorial Cleaning Bids: 7 Things to Consider

News 1st December 2020

7 Tips for Winning Janitorial Cleaning Bids Janitorial cleaning bids can cover a range of services across a range of…

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